As a librarian at the Walnut Creek Library, Rita Carrasco is used to the hustle and bustle that comes with working in a place that is so essential to the community.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday joined AFSCME President Lee Saunders and front-line public service workers from states experiencing surges in coronavirus cases to urge the Senate to approve

Mental health professionals in the Parole Outpatient Clinics throughout the state play an important role in helping parolees transition back into society and keeping our communities safe.

AFSCME members who work in health care and social services jobs face workplace violence daily. Now they are closer to having it.

If you ask John O’Connor, he’s nobody’s hero. As a longtime BART employee who loves his job and his family, his only goal every day is to do the best job possible.

But after he rescued a man who fell onto the tracks just moments before a train was pulling into the Coliseum BART station this month, O’Connor has been getting a hero’s welcome everywhere he goes.

Election Day 2019 was a big victory for working families. In states and cities across the country, they made their voices heard, electing pro-worker candidates for state and local government and providing further evidence of growing political momentum for working people.

Last year, nearly half a million workers went on strike across the nation, the largest number since 1986, when the country’s union membership rate was considerably higher (17.5%) than it was in 2018 (10.5%).

This month, the votes were counted and Local 1 members voted overwhelmingly to be a part of AFSCME Council 57.

This historic unification will blend two strong unions to become a more powerful organization to continue fighting and winning the dignity, respect and improvements for all AFSCME members in Northern California and the Central Valley.

This will also move the number of workers the council now represents to roughly 35,000.

At the last Delegate Meeting, Jessica Vollmer, who works with Working Partnerships USA, shared a presentation with us that laid out a landmark initiative that is looking to reform Prop. 13.

This initiative, which is called Schools and Communities First, would bring over $11 billion to schools and communities that have been choked for resources since Prop. 13 came into existence.

Our brothers and sisters who work at BART now have more power at the bargaining table thanks to a new agreement they reached with the transit agency.

With the new agreement, which was a result of years of organizing and using some political pressure from Sacramento, AFSCME Local 3993 nearly doubled its membership and created a better way to resolve labor disputes between management and workers.

AFSCME members stood on the steps of the Supreme Court this morning to support the LGBTQ community as the court heard three cases centered on the question of whether it is legal to fire someone for being gay or transgender.