10/27/22 Meeting Minutes

AFSCME Local 714 Meeting

10/27/22 @Council 4



Present: Wilfredo Medina, Sheryl Feducia, Jermaine Williams, Lois Brodeur, Vanessa Vazques, Dwight Fredrick, Kasie King, Bonnie LIetdke (Council 4), Brenda Arrington, David Dumaine, Melissa Juliano, Joao Beltran, Glen Guerrera, Charmaine Patterson, Robin Poyer, Ryan Kennedy, Richard Woo

Sheryl Feducia opened the meeting and passed it to Lois Brodeur who read the report into the record.  A decision was made that new elections would be held.


Robin Poyer moved that the report be accepted, which was seconded by Ryan Kennedy.


The meeting was returned to Sheryl Feducia.


Ryan Kennedy moved to closed the meeting and was seconded by Kasie King