12/20/22 Meeting Notes

Membership Meeting of 12/20/22


Attending in Person: Kim Rice, Brenda Arrington, Rich Woo, Neal Cunningham(C4), Sheryl Feducia, Kasie King, Ryan Kennedy, Chris Duda, Brian Anderson (C4)


Attending via Zoom: Michelle Massicote, Drew Messore, Akua Okyere, Angela, Antoinette Sherrod, Callie, Cerella Griffin, Charmaine Patterson, Darlene Leiper, DGC, Gerald, Gillian Lozinak, Glenn Guerrera, Heather Strandholt,Jennifer L, Joahanna, Katie, Kristen Marchand, Krystal, Kwon, Laynette Serrano, Lilith McKee, Lindsay B, Lisa Davis, Magdalena Swiergosz, Marilyn, Mark, Mary, Megan Monopoli, Melissa, Michelle Rice, Mike Stebe, Mylses, Omar Rodrigues, Freddy Medina, Paula, Raquel, Robin Poyer, Rohan Brown, Sharelle Blatche, Shelley, Stacey Wencek, Suzanne Brockett, Tamara, Taneisha Hayes,Thomas K, Tia, Tyanna Montero, Zorina Mobley


Meeting started 7:05


Brian Anderson of C4 spoke on political events unfolding at the state and federal level, expressing concern that a new Congress with a House Republican Majority may make things difficult with any funding for states.


Neal Cunningham of C4 spoke on the following:

  • Appeal of telework will be discussed pending DSS decision of hours to staff

  • OJE classification is still ongoing, these changes are hoped to bring better classifications/pay for staff whose positions are being reviewed

  • The changes to the members who are working at DOIT are in the process of having their assignment to DSS or DAS being reviewed. As funding for positions come from DSS, it is expected that they will be returned to DSS

  • Neal anticipates having the new agreement completed and accessible for members on-line. Hard copy of books would be a month later

  • Tuition Reimbursement: DAS has indicated that they expect all reimbursements to be completed by beginning of January, but Neal believes it’s likely end of January 2023


Kasie reminded people to update their addressed and person emails at the afscme714.org website.


Kim Rice asked as to why electronic voting was not being done for the upcoming election. She was informed by both Freddy Medina and Kasie King that the election bylaw of the International does not allow a Local of less than 2000 members to have electronic voting without a dispensation from the International. In addition the directive from the International was to have another election in 45 days and it was not believed by the election committee that it could be organized and a vendor reviewed/approved and placed to work in that short of time due to the rigorous requirements needed for online voting.


Kim then asked why we were not doing electronic voting again and the same points were once again reiterated to her and it was added that the option was not being pursued at this time.


Sheryl Feducia motioned for Adjournment which was seconded by Rich Woo. Meeting was adjourned at roughly 8:00pm.

Per AFSCME International, a request to have an electronic voting for a union with less than 2,000 people needs to be completed at least 2 months prior to an election. As our local was directed to re-run the election within 45 days, there was not enough time to have electronic voting in place. In addition, AFSCME International stated that there are many vendors offering the service of electronic voting and most of them do not meet the Department of Labor requirements with regard to their process of handling the votes.