Council 4 Convention Recap: Officers and Vice Presidents Elected

Council 4 concluded its 29th Biennial Convention on April 9, 2022 at our union headquarters in New Britain.

As a precursor to the Convention, the Council 4 Delegate Assembly met on Feb. 24 (also at Council 4) to accept nominations for the Executive Board Officers as follows:

Executive Director, AFSCME Council 4 Executive Board
President, AFSCME Council 4 Executive Board
Secretary, AFSCME Council 4 Executive Board

Vice Presidents, AFSCME Council 4 Executive Board:

  •    (2) seats - NP-3 Clerical Bargaining Unit
  •    (2) seats - NP-4 Corrections Bargaining Unit
  •    (2) seats - P-2 Social and Human Services Bargaining Unit
  •    (1) seat - Judicial Employees Bargaining Unit
  •    (1) seat - Higher Education Administrators
  •    (8) seats - Municipal non-profit/private sector
  •    (1) seat – Law Enforcement Officers

Delegates reconvened on April 9 to elect Officers. The results are as follows:

Executive Director (4-year term): Jody Barr, Local 2836, State Higher Education
President (2-year term): Bernie Bombardier, Local 1933, Municipal/Non-Profit/Private
Secretary (2-year term): Stacie Harris-Byrdsong, Local 3194, Municipal/Non-Profit/Private

Colleen Carter, Local 704 (NP3 State Clerical)
Patrick Carambia, Local 391 (NP-4 State Corrections)
Jon Derman, Local 2836 (State University Administrators)
Daniel Fazzino, Local 3713 (municipal non-profit/private sector)
Malinda Figueroa, Local 3144 (Municipal non-profit/private sector)
Gildemar Herrera, Local 3144 (Municipal non-profit/private sector)
Marybeth Kaczynski-Hill, Local 2663 (P-2 State Human & Social Services)
Thomas Ledoux, C4 Retiree Chapter (Retirees)
Christopher McLellan, Local 184 (Municipal non-profit/private sector)
Orlando Mercado, Local 1716 (Municipal non-profit/private sector)
Ronald Nelson, Local 749 (State Judicial)
Rosellen Phillips, Local 318 (NP3 State Clerical)
Kimberly Rice, Local 714 (P-2 State Human & Social Services)
Leighton Vanderburg, Local 1565 (State NP-4 Corrections)
Claudine Wilkins-Chambers, Local 3429 (New Haven Paras/Municipal)

Vacant Seats (3):
Municipal Law Enforcement Officers (1)
Municipal non-profit/private sector (2)

There was a contested election for the 2 seats belonging to the State P-2 Human & Social Services Bargaining Unit. Voting was conducted and certified by MK Election Services, LLC, a unionized company. The results are as follows, with asterisks denoting those elected: 

*Kimberly Rice (Local 714): 9209 votes
*Marybeth Kaczynski-Hill (Local 2663): 7448 votes
Xavier Gordon (Local 269): 5406 votes

Congratulations to all and thank you for serving. 

Thanks as well to the Council 4 Election Committee for their hard work and diligence:

  • Lois Brodeur, Local 714 Retiree, Co-Chair
  • Jon Derman, Local 2836, Co-Chair
  • Ruby Blackmon, Local 196
  • Brian Cutler, Local 269 Retiree
  • Dennis Fields, Local 3194
  • Dwight Frederick, Local 714 Retiree
  • Orlando Mercado, Local 1716
  • Dyshawn Thames, Local 2663
  • Stephen Wierbicki, Local 269
  • Wayne Wysocki, Local 1303

  • Amy O'Connor, Council 4, Advisory/Sergeant At Arms
  • Roberta Price, Council 4, Advisory/Sergeant At Arms
  • Steve Curran, Council 4, Advisory/ Sergeant At Arms

Click here for the updated list of Officers, Vice Presidents and Delegates.
Click here for a photo gallery from the April 9 election.