April 2023 Meeting Minutes

Local 714 Membership Meeting via Zoom



In Attendance: Wilfedo Medina - President, Sheryl Feducia - Vice President, Jermaine Williams - Treasurer, Richard Woo - Secretary, Kasie King - Communications Coordinator, Mike Stebe, Neal Cunningham - Council 4, Cheriel Williams, Gillian Lozinak, Glenn G., Eddie Perez - Council 4, Bonnie LIedtke - Council 4, Mike R,  Glenda G, Jennifer L, Jasmine B, Kirsten M, Christopher D, Amanda K, Zak Leavy - Council 4, Megan M, Johanna P, Lisa D, Roseanna W, Ryan K, Andrew P, Kristy T, Jeneive T, Zori M,  Carah B, Darlene L, Robin P, Pamela C-B, Eric R, Melissa B, Eric R, Stanley C, Melissa J, Noel L, Kim R, Jonique W, Katie N, Miriam R.


Meeting called to Order at 7:04pm


  1. President’s Report

    1. Labor-Management meeting: Situational telework was explained advising membership that it was at the discretion of the SSOM for that office.

    2. Recovering Back Pay that payroll has errored on, commonly on OVT pay. If you feel that your paycheck was wrong, please contact Freddy/Payroll about the issue.

    3. We will be partnering with Local 2663 on their summer Luau event More details would be forthcoming.

  2. Council 4 Neal Cunningham reported:

    1. Telework:

      1. Met with Commissioner whose office continues to overestimate the number of people walking through DSS doors to see workers.

      2. Commissioner/Local are still meeting to get more telework hours, not yet at the point of being able to take it to arbitration.

    2. Heroes Pay:

      1. We are considered LOW RISK workers as we did not serve clients F2F much and different situations from Corrections and others.

      2. The time period being reviewed is from March 2020 to March 2021. The department will do calculations and will attempt to have payments out no later than 12/29/23

    3. OJE Bill:

      1. The OJE bill did not make it out of committee, will not be funded.

      2. DAS is slowly making headway on reviewing LTSS/PACs/QC and other classifications

    4. Contract:

      1. The General Wage Increase (GWI) wil be 2.5% in July and a STEP will be issued on 01/24

  3. Council 4 Legisltative repport Zak Leavy reported:

    1. SEBACK Pandemic Pay passed Senate and House committees and is expected to pass through the general assembly.

    2. It is Budget Season so members should prepare to contact their State Representatives and Senators to lobby to have the state add more positions to the state workforce.

  4. Treasurer's Report:

    1. The surety Bond was paid

    2. The CD was cashed out and the Local is looking for a better place to invest the funds from the CD. The funds for now sit in the general funds.

    3. Taxes are coming up and they are in process of being completed, and an extension to complete taxes has been filed.

  5. Secretary/Membership Report:

    1. Stewards who need training were requested to email Richard Woo 

    2. People who were interested in getting involved in the local were encouraged to contact their steward or Executive Board Member.

  6. General Questions:

    1. Questions were asked by membership


Motion to adjourn meeting was made by MIke Stebe and seconded by Sheryl Feducia at 7:40pm

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