Local 714 Board Meeting

January 31st, 2023

In session at 7:03pm


The following members were present via Zoom: Stephanie U, Robin P, Brenda A, Mili M, Gillian L, Christine F, Jenniferf L, Heather S, Angela S, Sarah B, Edith T, Lisa, Callie D, Kristen M, Thomas K, Kristy T, Johanna P, Velma B, Kasie K, Jermaine W, Ryan K, Glenn G, Wilfredo M, Cheriel W, Sheryl F, DJ F, Rich W., Mike S, Chris D, Tashinya B, Jamie McB, Kim R, Antonia O, Pamela C-R, Andrew P, Mike R, Katie N,Thomas K, Vanessa V, Darlene L, Tyanna M, Rohan B, Julie R, Blanca G, Zorina M, Camile H


President’s Report 


Wilfredo mentioned that he met with DSS to see if they will practice Good Fairth Effort, which no response was received.The appeals for teleworking are going forward, the process is not 100% clear.


Two committees are being formed: Constitution Committee and Events Committee


Heroes Pay has had one meeting attended at this time.


On February 6th at 6:30 pm, there will be a zoom meeting regarding OJE and Tuition Reimbursement.


Previous Minutes were read aloud. A motion to accept the minutes was made by Sheryl F to accept the minutes and accepted by Ryan K


 Budget Report: Jermaine Williams presented the budget and a motion to accept the budget was made by Glenn and seconded by Kim R.


Council 4 Update by Neal Cunningham

Spoke on Telework, citing DSS as being a bad actor and that it will take time to resolve telework issues with DSS and take it to Arbitration. He roughly outlined the process. Noteworthy comments were that telework is here to stay, it is a folded into the SEBAC agreement and that it is a classic labor fight.


He provided a quick update on the OJE and Tuition Reimbursement.


Also Heroes pay is going to arbitration on 03/23.


Council 4 Legisltative Update by Zak Leavy

Zak mentioned that money is being budgeted to spend down the pension deficit. He also stressed how much of CT budget is based on Federal funds and at some point the Governor may turn to State Workers about budget cuts, capping out of OVT, and other possible subjects. In addition there is a fund for PTSD injury coverage.

Heroes pay has gone to arbitration and must be passed by the House and Senate. There is possible retro coverage/pay for retirees.


Communications Update by Kasie King

An update with the website was provided including a form to apply to become a steward and postings for training opportunities will be added.


 Two members spoke up about how best for members to quit being members and made self aggrandizing comments on things they believe they were the only sources that made things happen at the Local.


Conference Announcement:

A motion was brought forward to allow for 20 Executive Board Members/Stewards/ and amended to add Members, to attend the AFSCME conference for 04/14-04/16


Motion to adjourn made by Sheryl and seconded by Glenn.