Local 714 Special Meeting via Zoom
In Attendance: Wilfedo Medina - President, Sheryl Feducia - Vice President, Jermaine Williams- Treasurer, Richard Woo - Secretary, Kasie King - Communications Coordinator, Neal
Cunningham - Council 4, Mike Stebe,Cheriel Williams, Gillian Lozinak, Glenn G., Glenda G, Paula, Jill, Christine,Amanda, Charmane, Maria, Dave F, Omar R, Lori S, Amanda K, Megan M, Mike R, Robin P, Jasmine B, Kirsten M, Jennifer L,

Meeting called to order


 Tier 4 Retirement Contribution: Neal Cunningham reported.  

As of July 1, members who are part of the Tier 4 retirement plan will see an increase in the retirement contribution taken out of their check.  As per SEBAC, if the retirement plan has seen a decrease in gains, the amount contributed by members can be increased for a period of 12 months to be reviewed at the end of that time frame.
The minimum contribution required for members is 1%. Although members can
always choose to contribute more than 1%, they cannot contribute less than 1%.
 The governor is up to discuss the situation, but nothing can be promised about
changes to Tier 4 that are being proposed.

 Pandemic Pay
Members were reminded to use the provided website to check for eligibility.
Members started to see payments in the check issued 6/15/2023, though not
everyone who was eligible saw the payment.
There is an appeal process as outlined on the website. It takes time. It is best to have
as much documentation as possible when submitting an appeal to support the member’s
eligibility for the benefit.

General Questions

Questions were asked by membership

 LPRTY Time off: Freddy informed the members that the issue was not
presented to the union prior to informing staff. He is going to discuss the issue with
management to determine a mutual agreement. The suggestion at this time is to discuss
options with two or more members and submit matching TORs.

Meeting adjourned